Flutter: How to make WebView transparent

  1. Add the following to your pubspec.yaml :
path: packages/webview_flutter
ref: webview-transparent-background
url: "git://github.com/crizant/plugins"
// ...
opaque: false,


  1. Since the original solution is from jaumard, he didn’t fix the suggestions by other contributors for months so I forked from his repository and did some modifications. Therefore you will see forked from jaumard/plugins in my repository but not forked from flutter/plugins.
  2. Although I forked from jaumard, I did rebased the repository from flutter/plugins, and will continue to do it from time to time (until the feature is added officially), so that you guys can also enjoy the latest official features/bug fixes, besides the transparent background.




A JavaScript/Node/Flutter developer who love technical stuffs.

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Crizant Lai

Crizant Lai

A JavaScript/Node/Flutter developer who love technical stuffs.

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