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Flutter: Performance analysis of `const` constructor

Everyone says using const constructors improves the performance of your app, but how much? I haven’t found any analysis on the internet, so I decide to do it myself.

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An app display a random moving Flutter logo


During the test i will create two screens to display the moving logo, one of them uses the const constructor of Image widget:

const Image(
width: 100,
height: 100,
image: AssetImage('assets/logo.png'),
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Performance overlay of Flutter

Testing device

Modern devices are too powerful, I will run the test on a fairly old device: Sony Xperia Z2. Actually if the app hits 60 frames per second on this device easily, it proves that Flutter is really fast.

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Running the app on Sony Xperia Z2

Time to draw each frame

The time it takes to render each frame for 1000 logos is ~80ms, which is ~12.5FPS. I think we may just stop there.

Memory usage


  1. The time to draw each frame keeps fluctuate, it is difficult to mark all numbers down and take an average. I took the number which appears the most in each case.
  2. The memory usage in each case keeps increasing, then it drops to a certain point after some time (when garbage collection is triggered), then it increases again. I took the number right after the drop.
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Memory usage chart


We can see that with const constructor, the FPS is ~8.4% higher, and the memory usage is ~20% less, in the case of 1000 logos. Although the numbers are quite significant, the “smoothness” I perceived during the test is very similar.

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