How to reverse bootcamp Windows trackpad scroll direction on Mac

Crizant Lai
2 min readJul 18, 2021


This method is originally posted in this thread by Jason Go. While this amazingly simple method is not well known enough on the Internet, or just in case the thread gets deleted in the future, I will do a recap here.

Today I installed Windows 10 on my Intel based MacBook by Bootcamp, and finds that the trackpad scroll direction is reversed comparing to MacOS. When I swipe up, the screen content goes up; when I swipe down, the screen content goes down. That’s an opposite to the Mac’s default natural scrolling.

So I started researching on the Internet and just find some registry thing… which is very messy and tedious. How could you expect a normal user to do the dangerous registry editing?

Luckily I’ve found a solution by Jason Go:

1. On Windows, go to start menu. Type “powershell”, right click(or do a two-finger click) on the search result, select “Run as Administrator”.

2. Copy the following code and paste on the window of PowerShell, and hit the “Enter” key.

$mode = Read-host "How do you like your mouse scroll (0 or 1)?"; Get-PnpDevice -Class Mouse -PresentOnly -Status OK | ForEach-Object { "$($_.Name): $($_.DeviceID)"; Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\$($_.DeviceID)\Device Parameters" -Name FlipFlopWheel -Value $mode; "+--- Value of FlipFlopWheel is set to " + (Get-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\$($_.DeviceID)\Device Parameters").FlipFlopWheel + "`n" }

3. Select the scrolling behavior by typing numbers. “0” for the Windows default behavior, “1” is the Mac behavior. Then hit the “Enter” key again.

4. Restart your computer, the changes should take effect.

If you need to restore, run the script again. And select “0” this time.

Come on, it’s 2021! Bootcamp has been there for 15 years! Microsoft should have given us a fix, or Apple should have provided an option in the BootCamp panel! Er… never mind. BootCamp is not supported on the latest Macs.



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